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Tomball, TX

About Us

QLMD Direct Primary Care (DPC), situated in the heart of Tomball, Texas, is your one-stop destination for comprehensive healthcare services. Nestled just outside the bustling city of Houston on Kuykendahl Rd. near Grand Parkway, we offer a serene environment dedicated to the well-being and recovery of our patients.

With a wide range of services, QLMD DPC is equipped to handle an array of adult health issues. Our medical expertise ranges from treating acute conditions such as sudden illnesses or injuries, to managing chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes. We also offer personalized weight loss programs tailored to individual needs and lifestyles. This broad spectrum of services allows us to serve our community with unwavering dedication and professional care.

At QLMD DPC, our mission extends beyond merely providing treatments. We believe in offering quality and affordable healthcare that is accessible to all. We understand the financial constraints that can pose a barrier to seeking medical help, which is why we are committed to keeping our services cost-effective. We are steadfast in our objective to alleviate the burden of medical expenses and make healthcare attainable for everyone.

Our focus is not limited to curing ailments; we concentrate on the bigger picture, promoting health, preventing disease, and improving the quality of life for our patients. It is our firm belief that healthcare should empower patients, allowing them to take control of their health. We emphasize patient education, providing comprehensive information about their health status and treatment options, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their healthcare.

At QLMD DPC, we're not just your healthcare providers, we're your partners in health. We strive to foster a relationship of trust and respect with our patients, understanding their individual health needs, and working together to fulfill our common goal – healthier, happier lives. Welcome to QLMD DPC, where we make health care a caring experience.

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